Tuesday, 3 April 2012


So I'm making some new work for Pulse Launchpad....I can't say what it is yet, but I'm quite excited about it as it's something I've been thinking about since last year. I was very lucky to receive a Glasgow City Council Craft Makers Award last December to fund this project and as money is always an issue for a new business, I was/am extremely grateful for their support.

Having a bit of extra cash in the bank is allowing me to work with others instead of always doing everything myself. This is great in many ways, but one way in which it is hugely beneficial is you realise that you are in a chain and if I hold it up by dawdling over making decisions about colour then it puts everyone behind. So I've been very pro-active in choosing colours this last week! Something I love is looking at colour charts....it doesn't matter what they are for - paint, fabric, card, I'm not fussy! I just love the little squares or rectangles of colour all jammed onto a page. And I love choosing colours! I think as much as I love designing a new pattern. For me, I always design with the colours in mind. I can't draw things in black and add the colour later, it just doesn't work like that, so whenever I'm drawing or sketching ideas it's always with coloured pencils to hand.

acrylic canvas fabric colour swatches

 My new print designs are done and I have just got the acetate films back from the printers, so have been exposing the first screen this week. In fact today, we sampled the first piece of fabric in the first colour way and I was pretty happy when I lifted the screen up...so we shouldn't be holding the chain up too much!

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