Friday, 15 February 2013

Fly, Fly Away!

As much as we've loved having our Hargrave Cellular Kite in the studio window the last couple of months, it's time for us to say goodbye! It certainly cheers the place up and is always a talking point for visitors to our studio, but sadly we just don't have the room anymore.....

So...we're asking if you or anyone you know has a love for beautiful, brightly printed kites?! These kites are based on the early meteorological kites of the late 1800s and built to the exact dimensions that they would have been constructed to for kite experiments back in 1894! There are five Bowed Eddy Kites and one Hargrave Cellular Kite, all featuring a unique print inspired by the way we have recorded wind over the years.

The fabric was all lovingly printed by hand in our studio using paper stencils. All kites were on show at The Lighthouse as part of our show "When the wind is high" during October and November 2012.

We are only looking to cover the cost of their production, so if you want to own your own piece of a one-off Laura Spring, then this is your chance!

Due to the size and delicate nature of the Hargrave Cellular Kite, we cannot ship or post it anywhere. It will need to collected from the studio directly. The Bowed Eddy Kites can easily be posted though....

If you are interested or want to know more details, then please get in touch at:

Five Bowed Eddy Kites & the Hargrave Cellular Kite (just seen on the right edge)

Arrow Bowed Eddy Kite

Compass Bowed Eddy Kite & Hargrave Cellular Kite

Hargrave Cellular Kite

Compass Bowed Eddy & Hargrave Cellular Kite

Thank you!

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